special forces

Welcome to the SA Special Forces Website

This is the formal website of the South African Special Forces.   

As depicted by the compass rose, the South African Special Forces is always prepared, day and night, to be deployed anywhere in the world.

The SA Special Forces is a force multiplier for the South African National Defence Force to be utilized within the security community.  It has its headquarters in  Pretoria and is supported by units specializing in amphibious, air and landward operations, as

well as a dedicated logistics capability.

Because of the strategic nature of special operations, the Special Forces is an

autonomous force.  Operations are controlled at the highest level to ensure

security, a short line  of command, and the optimization of inherent capabilities.

Key capabilities and specialized skills enable the effective conduct of

operations under severe conditions, anywhere in Africa.

                                                                        "WE FEAR NAUGHT BUT GOD"

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