special forces


Excellence in Special Forces Operations.


Special Forces supports the National Defence Force in maintaining the National Constitution and is committed to national, regional and global peace and security.

Special Forces, as a result of its professionalism and maintenance of standards, enjoys high repute in the eyes of the general public as well as on international level.

Special Forces is an affordable, dynamic and effective force, which boasts specially trained personnel, and is equipped with specialist equipment.  The international recognition of its capabilities, makes Special Forces a credible force, which must be reckoned with.

Special Forces is representative of the composition of the RSA population, falls under command of the Chief of the National Defence Force, and comprises landward, airborne and waterborne capabilities.

Special Forces is politically neutral, professional and just in its actions.  Readiness levels are maintained in order to ensure that special operations can be conducted at any time and any place.

National values are maintained within a policy of freedom of religious choice.

Military professionalism, integrity, respect and accountability are promoted and striven for in order to support and strengthen the individual memberís value system.  All members are actively encouraged and supported in order to achieve his or her full potential.